We can have specialized Bachelors and Masters programs combined with research methodology. Please contact us with the necessary course list according your organization or corporation or company requirements.

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Talent Grooming Program

Nano Kids : Link

Courses Offered

Customized course design for individuals and groups : Our expert faculty team can design customized diploma, postgraduate diploma, bachelors, masters courses in discipline or in any area or in any field. Link

Bachelors and Masters in Adept Analysis Link

Bachelors and Masters in Nation-Building Link

Bachelors and Maters in Ignite India Link

Bachelors ( 4 Years ) and Integrated Bachelors - Masters Degree ( 6 Years ) in Cooking, Nutrition and Kitchen Management. Link

Computer Science & IT courses : Rudrama Deva IT University Link

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specializations in Science and Technology, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance and Banking, Sports Management Link

BS and MS in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Link

Bachelors and Masters in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Link

Bachelors and Masters in Business English and International Trade ( Vocational or Online or Campus ) Link

Doctorate degree (PhD) : To look at the subject area please refer to all the academic schools and MS courses offered. We can offer PhD degree in all the areas where we offer Masters degree.

Admission Criteria: IIT-JEE rank, NEET Rank, GATE Score, SAT Exam, GRE, TOFEL, ILETS qualification along with personal interview.

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