Public Startup Park

  • University Research Hub
  • Patenting Studio
  • Research Patenting Office
  • Startup Incubator
  • Technology Transfer Office
  • Industrial SEZ
  • Analytical and Supercomputer Facility
  • Beamline Facility

Present Startup Companies (Both at Startup Incubator and Industrial SEZ )

Vantage Recruitment and Staffing Firm


Event Management Company

Sports Management Company

Financial Bureau

Financial Buro

America Telugu People Association

Indian Association of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

International Association of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

International Association of Organic Chemistry

Real Estate Persons

Rao Sweets

Book Store

Rakesh Voggu Technology Consulting

Rakesh Voggu Digital

RVIn Media-Strategic Consulting

Fantasy Cricket League

New Italian Township

New Japanese Township

XenonIn Chemical Company

Learn Abroad

Indian University and College Admissions

Hyderabad Welfare Association and Hyderabad Live TV

Bengaluru Welfare Association and Bengaluru Live TV

Dr Raos Laboratories

Laboratory Supplies

Chennai Welfare Association and Chennai Live TV

World Class Movies Distributor

World Class Tollywood Movies Distributor


Green Agriculture

Green Spaces

Matrimony Meets

HC-Yard Personal Department

Kin Pets in Your House

Life Long Education

Life Long Learning

InMedical Care

OutMedical Care

Rooftop Gardening and Agriculture

Indoor Gardening and Agriculture

Safety & Security, Business Intelligence Solutions

Retail Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Science, Engineering, Health and Technology Foundation

Telangana Essentials Brand

Our Live TVs

Our Magazines and Journal Portal

Community Groups

Drinking Water

Sports Leagues

Child Care Clinics