Rakesh Voggu School of Adept Analysis

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Bachelors and Masters in Adept Analysis ( Strategic Consulting)

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Course Fee : Rs 20 Lakh per Year

At Rudrama Deva University – Rakesh Voggu School of Adept Analysis, we teach how to solve worlds leading and pressing problems in any field either it may be for business world or for governments through out the world or for ones personal and family needs also. This course puts Rudrama Deva University in fore front of teaching. We enter this competitive educational field and world of education to make greater impact in this society to develop greener cum needful solutions.

Adept analysis course teaches you how to use all the forms knowledge available to us whether it may be ancient or modern. Here we play with data and information which includes various methods of Data Mining along Mapping techniques. We use modern Information Technology ( IT ) tools to analyse prior mentioned data and information by both combination of human cum artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to provide solutions to any problem in addition to predicting futuristic things.

Our Course Use and Mission Statement

As part of Adept Analysis, We can offer full analysis and possible solutions to your needs and problems. We are leading global adept analytical researchers, scientists and doctors at your digital door step. Contact us at +91 8886443827 or adeptanalysis@yahoo.com or adeptgenomeanalysis@gmail.com.

We are Experts in Nutritional, Health Diagnostics, Genome, Educational, Chemical, Biology, Medicine, Pharma, Biopharma, Biologics, Biotechnology, Electronics, Forensic, Geological, Agricultural, Financial, Geo Political, Fraud characterization and analysis.

We collect the data, analyze it and will give our expert opinions. These advises or insights might change you drastically in every respect or aspect, like the way you organize and think (as a person or organization or company ).

For example, we can offer you nutritional and food suggestions by genome and health diagnostics data. We can suggest you the ways in which you can live better life with ever lasting impact. On the other hand, educational analysis of your children and family might pay rich dividends in terms of your planning. This planning enables you to make original impact in this competitive world along with our Personalized Strategic Consulting in the form news and Insights.

We offer adept analysis thru Leading experts around the world.

Please check our website : www.adeptanalysis.co.in