Science, Arts and Humanities University

Rudrama Deva University

Fee : Rs 10 lakh per Semester ( Bachelors 4 years, Bachelors and Masters combined 6 years )

BS & MS in Chemistry

BS & MS Physics

BS & MS Mathematics

BS & MS Statistics

BS & MS in Biology

BS & MS Life Sciences and Health

BS & MS Biotechnology

BS & MS Microbiology

BS & MS Plant Sciences

BS & MS Animal Sciences

BS & MS Materials Science

BS & MS Food Sciences

BS & MS Analytical Sciences

BS & MS Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

BS & MS Electronics

BS & MS Economics

BS & MS Education

BS & MS Management with different specializations

BA & MA Public Administration and Democratic Values

Bachelors and Masters in Hotel Management

Bachelors and Masters in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

Bachelors and Masters International Relations

BA & MA Political Sciences

MA Languages

MA History

MA Anthropology

Bachelor of Business Administration ( BBA ) & Master of Business Administration ( MBA )

Bachelors and Masters in Business English and International Trade ( Vocational or Online or Campus ) Link

Bachelors and Masters in International Business

Bachelor of Computer Applications ( BCA )

Master in Computer Applications ( MCA )

MS Computer Science

MS Information Technology

Master of Education ( MEd )